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PalmPilot Archives - Consultants

Cutting Edge Software, Inc.
Cutting Edge Software develops PalmPilot Applications such as the PalmPilot spreadsheet, Quicksheet. They also develop custom applications for a number of different clients.
JP Mobile
JP Mobile Systems has developed some software to provide wireless access to corporate systems.
Martin W. Wilber and Associates Inc.
Martin provides consulting services and custom application design for PalmPilots.
Novosoft Inc
Novosoft provides custom programming in a wide area of applications for different devices including Pocket PCs and Mobile Phones. They meet ISO 9001/CMM quality standards.
Palm Computer Software and Web Sites
Professional Palm Pc or Palm held website design, promotion, development, marketing, advertising, graphic arts, applications and e-commerce solutions located in Orange County, Southern California
Pen Computer Solutions Inc.
This company offers custom programming - as opposed to off the shelf software for the PalmPilot for companies and government agencies that need custom solutions designed for the PalmPilot. Sample applications include PDA Medic.
Pendragon Software Corporation
Pendragon Software offers PilotForms, a forms generating application for the PalmPilot.
SOFTMATICS provides customized software development services for Palm Pilots. They are also able to make Palm devices work with legacy applications.

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