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PalmPilot Archives - Software Companies

AirSpell, LLC
AirSpell, LLC is a software publishing company. Established in 2002, AirSpell is developing software applications using the communication capabilities of mobile devices. The company has produced AirClock - an alarm clock application for Palm Powered handhelds featuring remote control capabilities
AK Analytics Home Page
The home page for AK Analytics it has some Palm applications such as OXO and Chinese Checkers.
Cascata Games
Cascata Games is the home of Master Thief for the Palm handheld - a unique 3D first-person persective game for the Palm
CASLsoft: Home Page
The CASLsoft (Compact Application Solution Language) home page.
Chapura Inc.
Chapura develops PocketMirror to synchronize Outlook's calendar, contacts, taks and notes with the PalmPilot.
Cutting Edge Software, Inc.
Cutting Edge Software develops PalmPilot Applications such as the PalmPilot spreadsheet, Quicksheet. They also develop custom applications for a number of different clients.
Cyclos is a software Company that has build Hi-Note for the PalmPilot.
DaggerWare Home Page
A company producing shareware for the PalmPilot such as Dinky Pad, AppHack, HackMaster and more.
Data Viz Desktop to Go
Data Viz produces a desktop interface for the PalmPilot called Desktop to Go. It allows the PalmPilot to hotsync with Outlook.
Dovcom Home Page
Dovcom has a number of shareware programs for the PalmPilot.
Electron Hut
Electron produces software for the PalmOS including a number of games like solitare, poker and tetris.
Hands High Software
This company produces software for the PalmPilot such as ThoughtMill, PhoneLog, and Trip etc.
Infinity Softworks
Infinity Softworks produces software for the PalmPilot including the Macmillan Bonus Pack and some professional calculators.
Isbister produces the Time & Chaos shareware PIM. They also produce CahosSync which enables the desktop PIM to sync to the Palm series of machines, up to and including the latest Palm V.
LDW Software, LLC
LDW Software is a developer of intelligent games for the Palm Pilot, Clie and Palm OS devices
Little Wing Software Development
This company has developed software for the PalmPilot such as PilotClock and Vehicle Log.
Home page for the Metrowerks CodeWarrior line of Palm OS software development applications.
mindgear develops software for the PalmPilot including Element, Desdemona, and RegAid.
Mobile Generation Software
Home of Mobile Account Manager
This company develops a number of different apps for various mobile devices including Palms
Palm - Europe
Palm's European site.
PalmMate produces sophisticated GUI software for the PalmPilot including DateMate, and WorldMate.
PDA Medical
PDA Medical produces medical software for the PalmPilot and other PDA devices.
Pendragon Software Corporation
Pendragon Software offers PilotForms, a forms generating application for the PalmPilot.
Poohbah Industries
PalmPilot Software for the Connected Lifestyle. Includes Wine Master, Cigar Master, and Beer Master for the Palm and PalmPilot Connected Organizers.
Quartus Handheld Software
Quartus produces software for the PalmOS including PilotFORTH
Shot Chart by Digital Scout was created for serious basketball fans. It allows users to store live game data and provides instant shot charts or statistics.
TealPoint has a number of different software products and utilities available for the Palm
TealPoint Software
TealPoint Software provides full-featured applications for the PalmPilot such as TealMeal 2000, TealPaint, and TealEcho/Magnify.
Tele-Support Software
Commercial site for producers of hotsync conduits for the PalmPilot.
The Grand Design
This company produces different pieces of software for the PalmOS including Traintrack and Intellipalm.
Wabasoft produces Waba which is programming platform that allows a programmer to write one program that can be run on a PalmPilot or Windows CE device and any device that supports Java.
Webvisia LLC
Webvisia LLC is a software company based in San Rafael,CA specializing in the development of software for Palm handheld devices

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