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PalmPilot Archives - Hardware Companies

ASF Associates
This company produces the mini--PCL Palmtop Computer Light that works with the PalmPilot.
Better Case
Better Case produces several different cases for the PalmPilot.
Caddy Masters
Caddy Masters produces Pro Caddy which is a device to securely hold a PalmPilot in place on the steering wheel of a golf cart.
CardScan is home of CardScan Executive. A hardware/software combination that scans and stores business cards. CardScan synchronizes with the PalmPilot or Palm III connected organizer, and Windows CE devices
Devian Enterprises
Devian produces a line of leather cases for Palm devices.
DS International, Inc.
DS International has a Palm Pilot Keyboard that attaches to a PalmPilot to facilitate easier entry of data.
E and B Company
This company produces a number of different lines of cases for the PalmPilot and other PDAs.
Genovation Input devices
Genovation makes input devices for computers, including keyboards for the Palm and Win-CE computers.
A UK based company that sells hardware and accesories for the PalmPilot including cool cases.
iBiz Technology Corp
iBiz produces a number of accessories for the Palm including keyboards cases and travel packs.
The JetPac is a rigid carrying case for the PalmPilot and PalmIII.
Palm - Europe
Palm's European site.
Palm Colors
This site offers the ability to have your PalmPilot match your own personal style. They offer a number of different colored cases for your PalmPilot.
Pcific Neo-Tek
This company produces accessories for PalmPilots including OmniRemote which turns the PalmPilot into a universal IR remote control.
PDA Panache
PDA Panache produces a number of different styli for many different PDA's
This company produces indestrucible cases for the PalmPilot including the Titanium Hardcase and other innovative case and stylus solutions for handheld computers.
Throttle Stylus
ttools has produced a stylus for the Palm they call 'Throttle'
UniMount for PalmPilot and Palm III
UniMount is a feature-packed mounting system built by Revolve for the PalmPilot and Palm III. It allows the PDA to be mounted in all types of vehicles and provides fast one-handed access to data.

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