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PalmPilot Archives - Personal Pages

Alex Lane's Corner of Texas - PalmPilot Page.
Alex has some information about the PalmPilot and some English and Russian E-texts.
Barry's no frills Pilot Page
This is Barry's personal page for the PalmPilot.
DocZ Palm Pilot Home page
This page contains information on multiple applications which the owner has found useful and some hints to help improve use of a Palm.
Georg's Pilot Pages
This site has information about PilotFORTH for the PalmPilot.
This is Marks home page for the PalmPilot. It contains information about a desktop application for the PalmPilot called desktop extensions along with some shareware including PalmSmear
A PalmPilot FAQ page with answers to new user questions and Tips and Tricks for the PalmPilot.
MacOS PalmPilot/Mac Friendly Apps
This site has some information on Macintosh friendly PalmPilot applications.
Meine PalmPilot Seite
This is a personal site with information about the PalmPilot. It is in German.
Mike's Palm Pilot Home Page
This site is dedicated to users of the US Robotics Palm Pilot wanting a text-based home page that references useful things.
Ophir's Pilot Stuff
Ophir has several applications for the PalmPilot including E-racer and Whack-em.
Palm Pilot Brazil
A PalmPilot site for users in Brazil.
PalmPilot Tutorial -Getting Started
This site has some old information to help new users of PalmPilots including links, software and accessories.
Personal Information Management Systems
Christopher Browne's site with a lot of links to PalmPilot information along with other PDA's
Rob's Macintosh/PalmPilot Pages
Rob has a lot of links and other information about the PalmPilot and using it with the Macintosh.
Ron's PalmPilot Information Page
Ron's site includes cbasPad, a Basic language interpreter for the PalmPilot along with some other applications and links.
Sergey Menshikov Home Page
Sergey has written several apps for the Palm which are available on his site.
Sunit Katkar's Palm OS Page
This site has a tutorial dealing with writing a multiple text field form application. It also shows how to use Document-View Architecture for doing the same thing. The source code is provided for download.
Ted's Pilot Page
Theodore Ts'o PalmPilot page with information on the format of the PRC file.
The Gadgeteer
This site has a lot of news and information about PDA's and other gadgets along with reviews. Run by Julie and Judie.
The PalmPilot Archives
David Browne's PalmPilot site with news, links and software.
Tony Jest's PalmPilot Freeware Recommendations
This is a collection of some highly recommended applications for the PalmPilot.
Venkman's PalmPilot Page
This is Venkman's PalmPilot home page with a number of PalmPilot data conversion applications such as CONVDB (for the PalmPilot Datebook) and DELBA.

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