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PalmPilot Archives - Foreign Sites

A Spanish site with medical information for the Palm along with links and other information.
Brazilian Palm-br User Group
Brazilian mailing list for Palm users and coders
Chinese OS, Japanese OS, Korean OS
CKJOS (Chinese, Japanese, Korean Operating System) is used to enhance the English version of the PalmOS to support a multi-language system.
Meine PalmPilot Seite
This is a personal site with information about the PalmPilot. It is in German.
Palm - Europe
Palm's European site.
Palm III HackerSite
This is a Polish Palm III site.
Palm Pilot Russian
This is a Russian PalmPilot site from St.Petersburg.
PalmFan is a Japanese site with news and reviews on PalmPilots and PalmPilot accessories. It also has links tips and other assorted information.
PalmForum Deutschland
This is a large German website for the PalmPilot with links, reviews, information and software.
PalmPilot Brazil
A PalmPilot site for Brazil
PDA Forum
This is a German site with information about the Palm and other PDAs
Pilot Avenue
A french site for the Palm Pilot. It has news, easter eggs, books, files, links, ads and more.
The PalmPilot Italian Page
A site dedicated to the PalmPilot in Italian.
Turkish PDA and Mobil Tech News and Review Site
A Turkish pda site with programs, news and hardware reviews.

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